Renditions of “The Eyes of Texas”

For more than a century, “The Eyes of Texas” has found its way into virtually every genre of music, including numerous band versions that incorporate quotes from other Texas standards like “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” The song has been arranged for full symphony, string quartet, and mariachi in addition to others. When The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon came to campus in 2019, Gucci Mane and The Roots even performed a trap version.


The Eyes of Texas are upon you all the livelong day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you, you cannot get away.
Do not think you can escape them at night or early in the morning.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you till Gabriel blows his horn.

Wind arrangement by Brian Shaw

Audio of wind instruments playing “The Eyes of Texas”

Miró Quartet’s 2003 Recording

Audio of string quartet playing “The Eyes of Texas”

Performance by Bilik

Audio of wind ensemble playing “The Eyes of Texas”

Billboard Intro., Longhorn Radio Network, arrangement/production by Barrett & Harwell

Audio of band playing “The Eyes of Texas”

Barbara Smith-Conrad sings “The Eyes of Texas” at UT’s 2000 Graduation

Performance by UT’s Mariachi Paredes de Tejastitlan

Performance by Gucci Mane

Innervisions Gospel Choir sing “The Eyes of Texas” during Gone To Texas, 2008

“The Eyes of Texas” being sung during Commencement, 2013

"The Eyes of Texas" Played on the Carillon for Gone to Texas 2011